Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Miami Dade College Offering Students A Cold Shoulder

This was written by the Miami-Dade College Medical Center Campus President, addressed to the would-be midwifery students of the fall 2008 class:

...the Fall 2008 Midwifery Program class was contingent upon a minimum of 25 academically eligible students having fully paid tuition and malpractice insurance by August 1, 2008. Unfortunately, these conditions were not met. As a result, there will be no new Midwifery Program students enrolled and no first year Midwifery courses offered beginning August 27, 2008.

This was sent to the students on August 5. The College held an informational meeting for the students on August 8 to help them determine their "next steps."

Anger and tears were exchanged in what was held as a "rally," by the students. Other community supporters were in attendance, such as mothers, faculty/staff, and the local newspaper.

The Vice President of the College offered the students the option of pursing one of the 7 vocational programs, or the degree-granting program of opticianry that is available at the Medical Center Campus.

Thus the Midwifery Program was officially closed, permanently, citing economic distress and low-enrollment. The College's website has even been updated to reflect a "suspended" status for the program; other midwifery links are broken. And classes have been pulled from the schedule database.

This midwifery program has been closed at least two other times in the past. Classes do not begin until August 27. There are 25 students, with 3/4 having paid the overestimated $3000 malpractice insurance. In a last ditch effort, students are scrambling, and assembling to write their legislators, and the Board of Trustees, whom the students were told has the final say.

If you've ever had a dream, that you worked hard for and could almost taste the glory, please support these students and contact the Board and other officials in Miami-Dade County.

Thank you.